Land and Development Advisory Committee supports proposed conversion of industrial building in Yau Tong

The Land and Development Advisory Committee (LDAC) at its meeting today (May 13) supported the proposed conversion of a flatted industrial building in Yau Tong for hotel and commercial uses.

The proposal, submitted by Ever Sun International Holdings Limited, will convert Wing Shan Industrial Building in Yau Tong for hotel cum commercial uses, including exposition space and gallery, hotel and catering facilities, shops and services, storage, packaging and delivery services.

Members supported the proposal to set back the existing building by 20 metres to provide space for a waterfront promenade along Yau Tong Bay for public enjoyment.

Members also noted that the proposal was broadly in line with the Government's policy to promote revitalisation of industrial buildings through wholesale conversion. Compared with redevelopment, the proposal is more sustainable and environmentally friendly, as it puts a currently under-utilised industrial building to more productive uses and helps reduce the construction waste that might be generated.

The proposal is subject to the Town Planning Board's approval. It will not be eligible for a nil waiver fee as the building is not situated in one of the designated planning zones where the new revitalisation measure is applicable.

At today's meeting, the LDAC also gave its support to the proposed relocation of Kowloon City Baptist Church (KCBC) from its existing building at Argyle Street to a new purpose-designed building at Tung Lei Road, Kowloon City.

Members noted that this proposed project would provide the necessary space for KCBC to meet the growing needs for religious and social services of the Kowloon City community, such as worship services, fellowship activities, and the church's community outreach services for youth, the elderly and families.

Members were also consulted on preliminary proposals by the Steering Committee on Review of the Urban Renewal Strategy (URS) on the future directions of urban renewal strategy. The review of the urban renewal strategy, launched by the Development Bureau in July 2008, is now into its final and most important stage: consensus building.

Members generally welcomed the steering committee's preliminary proposals. The Development Bureau will continue to listen to public views and re-draft the URS by the end of this year.

Ends/Thursday, May 13, 2010
Issued at HKT 19:59