WSD optimises water supply pumping operations to save energy

The Water Supplies Department (WSD), with the support of the Development Bureau, started a new project on May 10 to investigate the optimisation of water supply pumping operations in order to save energy in the daily supply and distribution of water.

The Assistant Director of Water Supplies, Mr Bobby Ng, said the project aims to apply a "genetic algorithm", which is an evolutionary computing method based on trend data and projected demands, to generate operational parameters for achieving optimal real-time system control for water supply pumping operations.

The algorithm works by evolving a set of solutions for a problem in a similar way to that of natural evolution. The solutions which are of a higher fitness will then be selected for refinement to achieve the optimal solution.

"It can save electrical energy for pumping operations and hence reduce carbon emissions, contributing to the tackling of global warming and climate change for sustainable development,"Mr Ng said.

The WSD is responsible for the supply and distribution systems that provide uninterrupted daily water supplies to meet Hong Kong's needs.  

An in-house project team comprising civil, electrical and mechanical engineers from the WSD has been formed to take forward this optimisation project in collaboration with experts from overseas and local universities, institutions and consultants.

To strengthen in-house expertise, the WSD has invited two renowned experts in water supply operations, Professor Dragan Savic and Professor Zoran Kapelan from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, to conduct a three-day intensive workshop for project team members from May 10 to 12. The professors will also conduct a half-day seminar for other interested WSD staff on May 13 and representatives from local universities and related organisations will be invited to attend.

Ends/Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Issued at HKT 17:21