Government Reply to Society for the Protection of Harbour

In response to media enquiries, a Government spokesman said today (September 24) the Government has replied to a letter issued by the legal representative of the Society for the Protection of the Harbour Limited.

The Association has, on September 17, issued a letter to the Government, demanding among other things, that the continued implementation of the Central Reclamation Plan be reviewed in light of the requirement as laid down in the Judgment of a case relating to reclamation in Wan Chai.

The spokesman said that the Director of Territory Development, in consultation with his consultants, the Transport Department and the Highways Department, had initiated a review of Central Reclamation Phase III to ascertain if it met the three tests set out in the Judgment.

"The Government is satisfied that the reclamation works currently underway are in compliance with the three tests, and are hence lawful," the spokesman said.

"We therefore deny the allegation that the Central Reclamation Phase III is in contravention of section 3 of the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance, Cap 531," the spokesman added.

End/Wednesday, September 24, 2003