LCQ17: Car park adjacent to Sunny Bay MTR Station

Following is a question by the Hon David Li and a written reply by the Secretary for Development, Mrs Carrie Lam, in the Legislative Council today (October 24):


I have learnt that the Hong Kong Disneyland overflow car park adjacent to the Sunny Bay MTR Station has remained unused since the opening of the theme park.  In this connection, will the Government inform this Council whether:

(a)  it projects that the above overflow car park will be used by the Hong Kong Disneyland in the foreseeable future; if not, whether there are any plans to put the site in question to better use; and

(b)  the agreement with the Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited ("HKITP") allows the above site to be returned to the Government or to be used as a temporary car park for non-Disneyland use; if so, under what conditions may such arrangements be made, including but not limited to any payments to HKITP, and the earliest date of making such arrangements?


Madam President,

The agreement signed between the Government and the Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited (HKITP) does not cover the allocation of the site adjacent to the Sunny Bay MTR Station mentioned in the question.

In April 2005, Lands Department (LandsD) allocated the site to the Transport Department (TD) for use as an "emergency vehicle holding area".  This arrangement was made to cater for any sudden surge in the need for parking spaces from visitors to the Hong Kong Disneyland (Disneyland) after its opening.  The site could then be used as a temporary car park to meet the traffic demand of Disneyland visitors.

TD has reviewed the use of the site, one year after the opening of the Disneyland.  As potential contingencies does not occur as frequently as originally anticipated, TD and the HKITP have agreed to adopt suitable contingency measures for emergencies, i.e. in case of a sudden surge of parking demand, arrangements will be made for the tourists' private cars to use the Disneyland's coach parks or the nearby utility yard, or to divert them to other parking facilities in Tung Chung and Tsing Yi.  As such arrangements have already been in place, TD decided to cease the use of the site for parking purpose and returned it to LandsD in February 2007.

For better utilisation of the site, LandsD together with other bureaux/departments concerned are actively considering possible options to put the site to temporary use.  LandsD plans to let the site by short term tenancies at full market rental.  The proposal will be put to the District Lands Conference for discussion shortly.

Ends/Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Issued at HKT 15:00