Mainland secondment training programme for Architectural and Civil Engineering Graduates

In an effort to train up our professionals in the construction industry to support the economic development and integration of the Mainland and Hong Kong, the Environment, Transport and Works Bureau will second Architectural and Civil Engineering Graduates engaged by them to receive three month's training in Shenzhen in May.

The secondment will broaden the Graduates' perspectives and enhance their knowledge of the system, standards and regulations related to their professions in the Mainland.  This will not only improve their competitiveness in their future development in both the Mainland and Hong Kong but also promote the exchange and cooperation in the training of professionals between the two places.

The Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works (Works), Mr Y C Lo, today (April 20) signed the secondment plan in Shenzhen with the Director of  the Shenzhen Construction Bureau, Mr Zou Guohua, and the Director General of the Shenzhen Works Bureau, Mr Jiang Jianjun.

The secondment training is recognised by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers as part of their approved training.

As a pilot, the first batch of Graduates to be seconded to Shenzhen will include two Civil Engineering Graduates and two Architectural Graduates.  The Graduates will receive training in the Shenzhen Construction Bureau and the Shenzhen Works Bureau.

During the secondment, the Architectural Graduates and Civil Engineering Graduates will also receive a period of training in an architectural design consultant firm and an engineering design institute in Shenzhen respectively.

The scope of training will cover procedures for establishing a project, planning, design practices and approval procedures, procedures for works commencement, tendering, contract management, safety and quality supervision as well as procedures for works completion, etc.

Subject to the results and experience gained in the Shenzhen secondment, the Environment, Transport and Works Bureau may consider extending the secondment to other related professions as well as to other Mainland cities.

Ends/Wednesday, April 20, 2005