Warning against unbranded Christmas lighting chains

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) today (December 15) advised consumers, for safety reasons, not to use Christmas lighting chains that bear no product information. 

During this festive season, EMSD has been inspecting supply outlets for Christmas lighting chains.  It has been found that the lighting chains on the market generally comply with safety requirements.

However, the department's inspections have also found that a few unbranded Christmas lighting chains do not have adequate insulation and/or are fitted with two-pin plugs, which do not comply with the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation.

Although there is no immediate danger associated with the use of these unbranded Christmas lighting chains, they do not offer reliable protection.

Consumers are advised to buy Christmas lighting chains bearing appropriate product information, including brand name, model, rated voltage and power, symbol for Class II insulation (i.e. double or reinforced insulation) and warning notices.

Ends/Monday, December 15, 2003