Press statement on protest by Resident Site Staff

In response to press enquiries about the objection raised by the Consultant Engineering Firm Resident Site Staff Association (RSSA) against the new employment terms for Resident Site Staff (RSS) employed on or after April 1, 2003, a spokesman for the Environment, Transport and Works Bureau said today (December 14):

"The move is to bring the RSS employment terms in line with the prevailing Government recruitment. This is considered fair and reasonable, and it is difficult to justify offering more superior terms to the RSS as they have requested.

RSS are employees of the consultants for public works projects. The employment is a matter between the RSS and the consultants.

The Government only reimburses the RSS cost to the consultants subject to a reimbursement ceiling. The reimbursement ceiling is calculated by making reference to the prevailing employment terms offered to Government employees.

If the RSS consider the current method of linking RSS employment terms with the Government recruitment practice not acceptable, the Government will explore other suitable alternatives of reimbursing RSS costs to the public works consultants."

End/Sunday, December 14, 2003