New road to serve Tuen Mun southwest

The Territory Development Department (TDD) had completed the construction of Lung Fu Road and the improvement works along Wong Chu Road in Tuen Mun to provide a direct and environmental-friendly access to the southwestern part of the new town.

The 2.6 km-long Lung Fu Road is a dual two-lane carriageway designed to provide a bypass for vehicles travelling along Castle Peak Foothills.

Speaking at the opening ceremony today (March 7), Secretary for Works, Mr Lee Shing-see, said the completion of the project was a testimony to the Government's continued commitment to put in resources to improve the local living environment and infrastructure for Tuen Mun although the development of the new town had reached maturity.

"The commissioning of Lung Fu Road will provide a fast, direct and convenient access to the south western part of Tuen Mun, reducing travel time and traffic noise. With its completion, most of the heavy goods vehicles from Tuen Mun Area 38 and Tuen Mun southwest can be diverted to this new road to relieve the traffic burden along Lung Mun Road.

"The road will not only support the local industries and the River Trade Terminal in Tuen Mun southwest but also serve as a driving force for further developments in that area," he added.

He noted that since the early 70's,the capital resources which the Government had put to the construction of Tuen Mun's infrastructure, institutional and community facilities had reached a total of about $16 billion.

In conjunction with the construction of Lung Fu Road, slope stabilization works at Castle Peak Foothills was also carried out. This is one of the largest-scale slope stabilization projects in recent years with slope extending over an area of 180,000 square metres.

Moreover, more than 200,000 trees will be planted on the slope surface to produce further greenery to the new town.

TDD also carried out improvement works along Wong Chu Road, which is connecting with Lung Fu Road and Tuen Mun Road, to reduce traffic noise nuisance to nearby residents.

The improvement works include the construction of two 230m-long full noise enclosures which are the first of this kind ever built in Hong Kong. Other noise remedial measures include the laying of noise absorbing road surfacing material and the erection of noise barriers.

The construction of Lung Fu Road and the implementation of noise remedial measures along Wong Chu Road, at a total cost of $900 million, took three and a half years to complete.

Also officiating at today's opening ceremony were the Director of Territory Development, Mr Wong Hung-kin; the Vice-chairman of Tuen Mun District Council, Mr Leung Kin-man; and Tuen Mun District Officer, Mr Lum Kwok-keung.

Lung Fu Road will be opened to traffic from tomorrow (March 8).

End/Thursday, March 7, 2002