Land and Building Advisory Committee consulted on Urban Renewal Strategy Review and plans to foster a sustainable built environment

At the meeting today (December 18), the Land and Building Advisory Committee (LBAC) was consulted on the Urban Renewal Strategy (URS) Review and proposed measures to foster a quality and sustainable built environment.

Members considered it timely to launch the URS review in view of changing social values and public aspirations. On the "4R" strategy being adopted by the Urban Renewal Authority, i.e. "Redevelopment", "Rehabilitation", "Revitalisation" and "pReservation", some Members suggested that more effects be made to the latter three "R"s alongside URA's redevelopment works. Some members also highlighted the importance of looking into the sustainability of the URS, and also the need to balance between urban renewal and preservation of traditional and special trades.  

The URS review, which was launched in July 2008, is in its Stage 1 Public Engagement phase. The purpose of this envisioning stage of exercise is to set the agenda for the review process and decide the range of topics and issues to be included for subsequent discussions. It will be followed by two stages of public engagement. The whole process is expected to take around two years.

The LBAC was also briefed on the public engagement exercise to be launched by the Government in collaboration with the Council for Sustainable Development to gauge public views on how best to foster a quality and sustainable built environment in Hong Kong. Members welcomed the exercise, and noted that the Government is open-minded about the proposed way forward. Some members pointed out that relevant issues, including the building and living density of Hong Kong, should be looked into. The community and the relevant stakeholders will be consulted during the three-months public engagement process, which is aimed to be launched in the first quarter of 2009.

Ends/Thursday, December 18, 2008
Issued at HKT 19:52