Government calls for correction of errors in story-book on harbour

The Government has sent a letter to the Society for the Protection of the Harbour to point out a number of inaccuracies in a children's story-book the Society has published to highlight the need for harbour protection.

A Government spokesman said today (April 22) that the Society had been asked to clarify the inaccurate information in the form of an addendum for distribution together with the book and to amend the book accordingly in future reprints.

"We are very concerned about the book, 'The Adventures of Victoria', because young readers should be provided with correct facts and figures about Victoria Harbour," he said.

"We notice that the book covers a number of issues related to harbour reclamation but some of the points do not tally with the facts.

"While we appreciate the Society's efforts to educate children on the need to protect the harbour, it is important to ensure that the information contained in the book is factually correct and unbiased.

"We fully appreciate and share the community's aspirations to protect and preserve Victoria Harbour. We are committed to protecting the harbour and will ensure that our planning and land-use objectives are geared towards this mission. Together we will make the harbour-front a vibrant and accessible place for residents and visitors alike.

"Towards this goal, the Government has been working closely with the Harbour-front Enhancement Committee, of which the Society is also a member," the spokesman added.

Ends/Friday, April 22, 2005