Appointment of Town Planning Board members

The Chief Executive has appointed 40 members to the Town Planning Board (TPB) for a two-year term from April 1, 2002 to March 31, 2004. The Secretary for Planning and Lands has been appointed as Chairman.

The TPB membership comprises seven official and 33 non-official members.

Following is the membership, which will be published in the Gazette tomorrow (March 28):

Official Members:


Secretary for Planning and Lands (Chairman);

Director of Planning (Vice-Chairman);

Secretary for Housing, or his/her representative;

Deputy Secretary for Transport, or his/her representative;

Director of Home Affairs, or his/her representative;

Director of Environmental Protection, or his/her representative;

Director of Lands, or his/her representative; and

Deputy Director of Planning (District) (Secretary).

Non-official Members:


Name Profession

---- ----------

Mr Daniel CHAM Ka-hung Business/Industry

Dr CHAN Wai-kwan Business/Industry

Mr Christopher CHENG Wai-chee, J.P. Business/Industry

Professor Anthony M.J. COORAY Legal

Mr LAM Kwok-cheong, J.P. Legal

Professor LEUNG Tin-pui, J.P. Engineering

Mr Frederick LUI Lai-cheung, J.P. Architecture

Dr Alex CHAN Siu-kun Engineering

Dr Rebecca CHIU Lai-har Academic/Housing

Mr KWOK Kwok-chuen, B.B.S. Economist

Professor Patrick LAU Sau-shing, S.B.S. Architecture

Mrs Angelina LEE WONG Pui-ling, J.P. Legal

Dr Eddy LI Sau-hung, B.B.S. Business/Industry

Mr Almon POON Chin-hung, J.P. Legal

Dr Peter WONG King-keung, B.B.S., J.P. Engineering

Professor Shane ZEE Sze-yong Academic/Botany

Mr Michael LAI Kam-cheung, J.P. Social Work

Professor HO Kin-chung Environment

Professor Alex LUI Chun-wan Architecture

Mr Francis LUI Yiu-tung Engineering

Mr Keith Gordon McKINNELL Surveying

Mr NG Shui-lai, J.P. Social Work

Professor Anna PAO-SOHMEN Business/Industry

Dr Pamela Rumball ROGERS Heritage

Dr Greg WONG Chak-yan, J.P. Engineering

Mr WONG Chi-kui Academic/



Mr YU Kwok-chun, S.B.S., J.P. Business/Industry

Dr Jose YU Sun-say, S.B.S., J.P. Business/Industry

The five new appointees are:

Name Profession

---- ----------

Ms Carmen CHAN Ka-mun Education

Mr Erwin A. HARDY Business/Industry

Dr Robert Moir KENNARD Engineering

Professor Nora TAM Fung-yee Environment

Mr Tony TSE Wai-chuen Surveying

A Government spokesman said today (March 27) that all TPB members are appointed on an ad personum basis.

"The Government looks forward to a very productive new two-year term of the Board. We have confidence in the ability, independence and dedication of all the members appointed," he said.

End/Wednesday, March 27, 2002