LBAC discussed Possible Conversion of Industrial Buildings for Loft Apartments

The Land and Building Advisory Committee today (September 10) discussed the possibility of converting industrial buildings for use as loft apartments.

"Members' views are divided over the idea which has been proposed earlier under the Hong Kong 2030 Study," the Chairman of the Committee, Professor Yeung Yue-man, said after the meeting.

"Some members have expressed reservation over the proposal. They consider that the existing regulatory framework already allows conversion of old industrial buildings to other non-residential uses similar to the ideas proposed under the loft concept. On the other hand, the loft concept for residential purpose will easily give rise to abuse and will be difficult to enforce.

"Other members think the proposal represents Government's effort to allow more choices for property owners concerned with a view to revitalising the vacant old industrial buildings. This is a positive step of the Government that they appreciate.

"Overall, members generally consider that more thoughts should be given to the idea and the Government may give the proposal a try in a cautious manner," Professor Yeung added.

End/Tuesday, September 10, 2002