Maintaining a stable supply through land sale

In response to media reports on the land auction results yesterday (August 13) on the sale of three lots at the 'lower end of market predictions', Deputy Secretary for Planning and Lands, Thomas Tso Man-tai, today (August 14) reiterated that it is not government policy to 'dump' land.

"The sale of land is conducted openly with the greatest transparency through the land sales programme, like the land auction yesterday," Mr Tso said.

"The government does not and cannot dictate prices. The outcome of yesterday's land auction reflects the prevailing market condition," he said.

He added that the government cannot change the use of a piece of land just for the sake of increasing revenue without regard to proper planning. The objective of the planning process must be to achieve a balanced development for a particular area and to ensure the best use of the land available.

"Information regarding land use in a particular area is clearly shown on the Outline Zoning Plan, which is an elaborate and transparent process involving extensive public consultation."

End/Tuesday, August 14, 2001