Tenders invited for LPG filling stations



Five dedicated liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling stations located in various districts will come into operation by the end of next year to strengthen support for LPG vehicles.


Speaking at a press conference to invite tenders for the design, build and operation of the filling stations today (Friday), Assistant Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Mr Wong Shiu-yuen, said the station sites would be offered under two contracts which require the operators to provide secure supply of LPG and fulfil statutory gas safety requirements under the Gas Safety Ordinance.


Located in Sheung Wan, Chai Wan, West Kowloon, Kwun Tong and Tai Po, they would be equipped with a total of 54 dispensers and 108 nozzles, with areas ranging from about 1,300 square metres to 2,500 square metres.


"Tenderers must be registered gas supply companies which can import and supply LPG under the Gas Safety (Registration of Gas Supply Companies) Regulations, or companies that have LPG supply agreement and technical support agreement with registered gas supply companies which import and supply LPG," Mr Wong said.


Tenders will be assessed in both technical and commercial aspects, with an auto-LPG pricing formula being used as an assessment tool.


"This pricing formula is specified in the tender for commercial assessment. Tenderers are required to provide an initial ceiling price of auto-LPG price till February 2002 and their operational cost element for about 20 years," he said.


Deputy Secretary for Planning, Environment and Lands, Mr Kim Salkeld, said the package formed part of the Government's plan to encourage taxi operators to switch to the less-polluting fuel.


The stations would be awarded at nil premium to whichever tender is able to provide facilities by end 2000 and to offer the lowest price ceiling for auto-LPG deriving from a pricing formula, Mr Salkeld said.


"In addition to the dedicated stations, LPG filling facilities will also be provided at suitable existing petrol filling stations or other new petrol cum LPG filling stations coming on stream. Altogether we anticipate that there will be at least 26 LPG filling stations by end 2000 and at least 37 by end 2001," he said.


"We are actively discussing with existing and potential new operators on ways to expedite the provision of refilling facilities and to increase the number of LPG stations commensurate with the anticipated growth of LPG vehicles."


"The switch from diesel to LPG forms an important part of Government's overall action in cleaning up emissions from diesel vehicles. We will continue with our efforts to ensure that the supporting infrastructure required to support this initiative would be put in place," Mr Salkeld said.


Details of the tender invitation was published in the Gazette today (Friday), and all tender documents are obtainable at Room 812 of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) Headquarters Building.


Brief information about the tender is available at EMSD Homepage at http://www.emsd.gov.hk.

Tenders must be placed in the Government Secretariat Tender Box situated in the lift lobby on the lower ground floor of the Central Government Offices (East Wing) before 12 noon on Friday, January 21, 2000.


End/Friday, December 10, 1999