Separate wastes to beat Garbage Monster

Hong Kong faces the threat of a Garbage Monster which produces tonnes of rubbish every day. The landfills are on the verge of being overloaded and the quality of life in Hong Kong is under challenge.

On December 24 however, a "Superboy" will appear and stop the Monster's atrocity by disintegrating the Monster and his jet "TrashAir".

Different parts of the Garbage Monster and the jet made up of aluminium cans, paper and plastic bottles will find their way to recycling bins in blue, yellow and brown.

This is the content of the three Announcements of Public Interests (APIs) of the Government's 1999/2000 Waste Reduction Campaign.

The Chinese version of the first episode will be broadcast by televisions starting from tomorrow.

A spokesman for the Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau said, "The Government is now spending some $800 million every year to dispose of six million tonnes of wastes in landfills."

"This is an enormous burden to the community and a threat to our environment. We must reverse the rising tide of wastes," the spokesman said.

Last year the Bureau launched the Waste Reduction Framework Plan, which aims at doubling the overall rate of municipal waste reduction, reuse and recycling by 2007.

The Superboy and Garbage Monster will appear in the video wall at Times Square, posters in MTR and KCR trains and the Information Services Department website <> later to remind the public of the need to separate wastes.

All public housing estates are installed with the recycling bins and the number of recycling bins in private estates is increasing. The Government will also put more recycling bins in parks, playground, markets and bus terminals.

The spokesman urged the public to make use of the bins to separate wastes for recycling and reuse.

Photo: The Garbage Monster and his jet 'TrashAir' made up by aluminium cans, paper and plastic bottles will appear in the TV Announcement of Public Interests to be premiered tomorrow. Ultimately, they will be destroyed by a 'Superboy' using waste separation techniques.

End/Thursday, December 23, 1999