Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel to lift standard of in-service arboriculture practitioners

The Development Bureau (DEVB) announced today (December 1) that the Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel is open for application. All qualified in‑service practitioners are encouraged to register for the five types of tree management personnel, namely arborists, tree risk assessors, tree work supervisors, tree climbers and chainsaw operators, as appropriate, on a voluntary basis.
"Sufficient manpower and adequate capability of arboriculture practitioners is of utmost importance to keep our urban forests healthy and minimise tree failure risks, thereby protecting public safety. While we are undertaking initiatives to attract new entrants to the industry with a view to building up an adequate and quality workforce under the Urban Forestry Support Fund, there is a strong aspiration of the industry and the public to lift the standard of in‑service arboriculture practitioners. We therefore introduced the Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel," a spokesman for the DEVB said.
In-service arboriculture practitioners meeting the qualifications and work experience currently and generally required under government contracts are eligible to register, and their registration will be valid for three years.
"We will list the name, registration type(s) and expiry date(s) of registered tree management personnel on the Scheme's website for reference by the industry, private property owners, property management personnel and government tree management departments. The Government will also require new works and maintenance contracts to be introduced in due course to deploy registered tree management personnel to undertake arboriculture work. At the same time, we encourage private property owners and property management companies to engage registered tree management personnel in carrying out tree inspection and risk assessment, and implementing appropriate risk mitigation measures," the spokesman said.
The Scheme accepts applications throughout the year and is free of charge. Details, application form and guidelines can be viewed and downloaded from the website of the Scheme ( Applicants can also fill in and submit their completed application forms and relevant supporting documents through the website.
Ends/Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Issued at HKT 14:36