Harbourfront Public Furniture Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do we need to prepare proposal in bilingual?
A1: Participants can prepare the proposals using either Chinese or English. Please refer to Part 6 of the Invitation Brief for details.

Q2: How can we submit the proposals? What is the deadline of submission by email, in person or by post?
A2: We accept the submission of Proposals by email (harbouroffice@devb.gov.hk), hard copy in person or by post. The submission deadline will be on 4 September 2020 (Friday) in accordance with the time of receipt by email, before office closing (5pm) by hand and date of the post mark if by post.

Q3: Can you provide any site photos/renderings of the promenades under construction in Wan Chai?
A3: To facilitate the preparation of Proposals, more reference materials and videos for the promenades at Wan Chai have been uploaded to the competition websites.