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Launching the Study Sponsorship Scheme to nurture arboriculture practitioners (16/8/2020)

With growing concerns over tree management and maintenance in the society, the Government has recognised the need to nurture more talents with related knowledge and skills. The Development Bureau (DEVB) announced earlier that the Study Sponsorship Scheme (the Scheme) under the Urban Forestry Support Fund (the Fund) is open for application to encourage more youngsters to join the arboriculture and horticulture industry, so as to build up the industry's strength and capability to keep our urban forest healthy, thereby protecting public safety. This time, I have invited a young youngster who has applied for the study sponsorship to share with us his experience in undertaking an arboriculture programme. Meanwhile, a colleague of the Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section (GLTMS) of the DEVB and a lecturer of an educational institute will talk to us about the details of the Scheme and the training of arboriculture practitioners......

Staff are reporting for duty to the new short-term positions (9/8/2020)

Last week, I shared with you the Job Creation Scheme launched by the Development Bureau (DEVB) and departments under its purview in connection with the Government’s Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF) to create more short-term positions covering various trades. I also invited two young people who were newly employed to talk about how they felt at the new positions. This time, I have specially invited the Secretary for the Civil Service (SCS), Mr NIP Tak-kuen, Patrick, in charge of co-ordinating the implementation of the scheme by various bureaux and departments, to update us on the progress of the preparatory and recruitment work for the scheme. Also, a young beneficiary under the Scheme, currently working as an assistant engineer for a contractor engaged by the Drainage Services Department (DSD), will share with us her experience in job hunting and her involvement in the public works project......

Providing more short-term jobs for new colleagues to fill (2/8/2020)

The Government has launched the Job Creation Scheme under the Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF) to create around 30 000 time-limited jobs in the public and private sectors in the coming two years, thereby providing more job opportunities. Among others, new colleagues are reporting for duty in the Development Bureau (DEVB) and departments under its purview. This time, I have invited two young people who have just joined the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), Ms HO Tsz-yan, Katherine, and Mr CHAN Chun-wa, Andy, to share why they joined the Government and what they have experienced in the new positions......

Constructing quarantine camps using Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) technology (26/7/2020)

With COVID -19 sweeping across the world, the Government has braced itself for the situation right from the beginning. Since the onset of the outbreak, it has taken decisive measures to identify suitable sites to construct quarantine camps within a short time using the innovative Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) technology to meet the demands arising from the epidemic. In completing the mission, colleagues have met many challenges in terms of time, project design, construction and logistics. The construction team has to race against time every day. Usually construction progress is assessed daily, but this time, it is assessed every hour......

"Heritage Over a Century: Tung Wah Museum and Heritage Conservation" exhibition (19/7/2020)

Since its founding in the late 19th century, the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) has been offering a range of medical, educational, community, traditional and cultural services such as temple and ritualistic services. It has borne witness to the change of society and time. Given that this year marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the TWGHs, the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) and the TWGHs have jointly organised the "Heritage Over a Century: Tung Wah Museum and Heritage Conservation" exhibition. More than 70 valuable exhibits are showcased to introduce the work of the TWGHs in the conservation of local history, culture and built heritage, as well as its historical imprints of growing in tandem with Hong Kong society. This time, I have invited the Chairman of the TWGHs, Ms MAN Wing-yee, Ginny, and the Curator (Historical Buildings) of the AMO, Mr NG Chi-wo, to take us on a tour of this themed exhibition......


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