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Measures taken by the Construction industry to tackle the epidemic (31/5/2020)

Many industries, including the construction industry, have been affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic. The Government has launched two rounds of the Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF) earlier, offering a total of more than $5.5 billion to support the construction workers and enterprises in strengthening anti-epidemic measures and tiding over the economic hard time brought by the epidemic. At the same time, the Works Group of Departments and the contractors have been committed to minimising the impact of the epidemic on the works progress through project management and rearrangement of work procedures. This time, I have invited a colleague from the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) to talk about the details while a contractor’s representative will share how the AEF is used to strengthen disease prevention on construction sites.....

Supporting the use of vacant government sites (2) (24/5/2020)

Last week, I wrote a post on the $1 billion funding scheme launched by the Development Bureau (DEVB) to help non-government organisations (NGOs) pursue basic restoration works on vacant government sites. At present, among the eight approved projects, two have commenced restoration works, which are expected to be completed in the second half of this year. The remaining projects will gradually commence restoration works or advance works, including the detailed design and site investigation, within this year. In this post, a colleague from the DEVB will brief us on how we help the organisations pursue restoration works. Moreover, two responsible persons of a social service organisation will tell us about their plan to turn a vacant village school campus into an integrated community centre......

Supporting the use of vacant government sites (1) (17/5/2020)

To encourage the use of vacant government sites by non-government organisations (NGOs), the Development Bureau (DEVB) launched a $1 billion funding scheme in February last year to help successful NGOs pursue basic restoration works on vacant government sites to take forward worthy projects for the community. In this post, I have invited a colleague from the DEVB to brief us on the implementation of the scheme. Besides, a successful NGO-applicant will tell us about their plan to turn vacant school premises into a guide dog training school......

Drainage Services Department’s remote-controlled desilting robot (10/5/2020)

In Hong Kong, the rainy season generally starts in April. In order to further reduce flood risks during rainstorms, the Drainage Services Department (DSD) has introduced the “just-in-time clearance” arrangement this year. It has also adopted new technologies in using a new remote-controlled desilting robot for silt clearing works at box culverts to enhance the efficiency of desilting works. This time, I have invited a colleague from the DSD to brief us about the operation and functions of the new robot, and on how it works differently from the traditional desilting method......

Sail through the Pandemic (3/5/2020)

Over the past three months, the Government and the construction sector have been assisting the enterprises and workers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak to fight the epidemic and find a way out of difficulty. Recently, members of the construction industry have again joined hands with the Construction Industry Council (CIC), the Development Bureau (DEVB), the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD), as well as ten professional bodies and trade associations to record a song Sail through the Pandemic together. Frontline practitioners and workers were also invited to participate in the shooting of the music video (MV). It is hoped that the song, with its dynamic and energetic melody and rhythm, will promote mutual support among everyone at this difficult time, so that together we will manage to pull through. This time, I have particularly invited the colleague who writes this song and several industry practitioners to share their feelings and wishes when recording Sail through the Pandemic ......


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