Date Subject
14/06/2023 LCQ2: Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Areas
14/06/2023 LCQ20: Project Strategy and Governance Office
14/06/2023 LCQ9: Combating acts of overcharging tenants of subdivided units for water
13/06/2023 Transcript of remarks of press conference on importation of labour (with photo/video)
13/06/2023 Opening remarks by DFS, STL, SDEV and SLW at press conference on importation of labour (Chinese only)
12/06/2023 Government establishes Northern Metropolis Co-ordination Office
07/06/2023 Transcript of remarks by SDEV at media session
07/06/2023 LCQ1: Wartime relics
05/06/2023 Government proposes to Town Planning Board to temporarily rezone proposed public housing site in Fanling Golf Course to "Undetermined"
05/06/2023 Haw Par Mansion offers free guided tour
02/06/2023 Government announces composition of four sub-committees under Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis
01/06/2023 SDEV visits Nanshan District in Shenzhen to inspect the development of local districts (with photos)
31/05/2023 LCQ20: Modular Integrated Construction method

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