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23/03/2011 SDEV's speaking notes (works policy areas) tabled at LegCo Special Finance Committee Meeting
21/03/2011 Opening remarks by the Secretary for Development at the press conference of Urban Renewal Authority on "Flat-for-flat" (Chinese only)
16/03/2011 Secretary for Development's closing remarks at LegCo's motion debate on Antiquities and Monuments (Declaration of Proposed Monument) (Ho Tung Gardens) Notice (Chinese only)
12/03/2011 Seminar on Office Development in Hong Kong
17/02/2011 Secretary for Development speaks at the Tunnel Breakthrough Ceremony of Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel (Chinese only)
27/01/2011 Secretary for Development speaks on Pilot Mediation Scheme and Outreach Support Service for Elderly Owners (Chinese only)
14/01/2011 Secretary for Development speaks at Lui Seng Chun Project Launching Ceremony (Chinese only)

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