Lantau Development Advisory Committee holds third meeting

At its third meeting held today (July 19), the Lantau Development Advisory Committee endorsed the strategic positioning and development direction for Lantau proposed at the last meeting and agreed to establish four subcommittees to concurrently handle development proposals covering different aspects.

The four strategic positionings are:

(1) An international transport, logistics and trade hub in the Greater Pearl River Delta (PRD) region;

(2) A service hub in the Greater PRD region and Asia;

(3) A strategic growth area with a new metropolis in the central waters between Lantau and Hong Kong Island; and

(4) A treasure of natural assets.

As for the development directions to be further explored, they include:

(1) A Northern Lantau Corridor for economic and housing developments;

(2) A North-eastern Lantau Node for leisure, entertainment and international tourism;

(3) An East Lantau Metropolis for strategic growth with a core business district; and

(4) Predominant Lantau for conservation, leisure, cultural development and green tourism.

The Secretary for Development and Chairman of the Committee, Mr Paul Chan, said, "As strategic developments require detailed planning and studies as well as public consultation before implementation, we will study the proposals that can be taken forward in the short and medium terms that will benefit the development of the Lantau community while undertaking long-term planning. These proposals include harnessing the natural and cultural resources of the country parks and rural areas for sustainable recreation and tourism, and enhancing the transport and social services for the community."

To expedite the launching and implementation of the various development projects, members further discussed the framework of the work plan and agreed to form four subcommittees to handle the following:

(1) Proposals concerning development, planning and use of land, the environment and conservation;

(2) Proposals concerning developments of the economic and industry sectors (including the local community economy) and manpower development (including education, training and employment) of the sectors;

(3) Proposals concerning traffic and transport services (sea, land and air) as well as their infrastructure; and

(4) Promoting engagement of the public and local community, enhancing  public understanding of the future development of Lantau and building consensus.

The post of chairperson of the subcommittees will be taken up by non-official members while members will come from government bureaux and departments and will also include interested non-official members of the Committee. The Committee will consider adding co-opted members, having regard to the needs of the subcommittees.

Mr Chan said he expects that the subcommittees could be set up by late August and would hold meetings as early as possible to discuss the proposals under their purview in a bid to facilitate the rolling out of sustainable and effective measures for the community, bringing benefits to Lantau locals as well as all Hong Kong people.

Ends/Saturday, July 19, 2014
Issued at HKT 15:00