In April 2000, the Chief Executive appointed the Construction Industry Review Committee (CIRC) under the chairmanship of the Honourable Henry Tang to -

  1. examine the current state of the construction industry in respect of quality, quantity, environmental friendliness, manpower, safety and supervision; 
  2. identify specific actions and good practices to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of local construction in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, timeliness in delivery and value for money; and
  3. advise on an order of priority for implementation.

The CIRC submitted a report to the Chief Executive on 18 January 2001. If you wish to view the report, please click here PDF to open or download the report. The report is in Adobe PDF format. (File size: 1.5MB)

  To view and print the PDF document, you need to use an Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please click here to download if necessary.