Date Subject
15/07/2016 Opening remarks of SDEV and S for S on safety in industrial buildings (Chinese only)
14/07/2016 Speech by SDEV at CIOB Members’ Forum Conference "Constructing the Future - A Global Perspective" (English only)
11/07/2016 SDEV’s opening remarks at LegCo’s House Committee special meeting on lead in drinking water incidents (Chinese only)
03/07/2016 SDEV's speech at HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection Prize Presentation Ceremony (Chinese only)
29/06/2016 SDEV speaks to media on quarterly land sale programme for July to September 2016
29/06/2016 Opening remarks of SDEV on land sale programme from July to September 2016 (Chinese only)
29/06/2016 LCQ1: Quality of Dongjiang water
25/06/2016 SDEV speaks to the media
22/06/2016 LCQ2: New Territories small houses
21/06/2016 SDEV's opening remarks at LegCo's Panel on Development meeting on work of Urban Renewal Authority (Chinese only)
15/06/2016 LCQ3: Conservation work of the Government
10/06/2016 Speech by SDEV at Urban Renewal Authority 15th Anniversary Cocktail Reception (English only)
09/06/2016 Speech by SDEV at Tai O dragon boat water parade (Chinese only)
09/06/2016 Speech by SDEV at Tai O Tuen Ng Festival Dragon Boat Race (Chinese only)
08/06/2016 LCQ5: Simplification of site safety items
05/06/2016 SDEV speaks to media (Chinese only)
05/06/2016 SDEV speaks at HK Green Day 2016 Opening Ceremony (Chinese only)(with photos)
02/06/2016 Speech by SDEV at APEC High-level Urbanization Forum 2016 in Ningbo (Chinese only)
01/06/2016 SDEV speaks to the media
31/05/2016 SDEV speaks to media (Chinese only)

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Speeches and Presentations by Secretary for Development