Date Subject
27/02/2012 Secretary for Development talks about Revitalisation Scheme and "Flat-for-Flat" pilot scheme (Chinese only)
23/02/2012 SDEV speaks on the unauthorised building works at York Road, Kowloon Tong (Chinese only)
23/02/2012 SDEV's speech at the opening ceremony of Construction Industry Resource Centre (Chinese only)
16/02/2012 Secretary for Development speaks on suspected unauthorised building works at Nos 5A and 7 York Road (Chinese only)
08/02/2012 SDEV speaks on sites with restrictions on unit size
04/02/2012 SDEV speaks on land supply and Ho Tung Gardens
02/02/2012 Remarks of the Secretary for Development, Mrs Carrie Lam, at the press conference on the 2012-13 Land Sale Programme
01/02/2012 LCQ15: Land supply
01/02/2012 LCQ20: Alterations and additions of Stanley Plaza
09/01/2012 SDEV speaks at the ceremony for the renovation of Tang Ancestral Hall (Chinese only)
07/01/2012 SDEV speaks on reclamation outside Victoria Harbour (Chinese only)
04/01/2012 Secretary for Development speaks about Legionnaires' Disease (Chinese only)

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Speeches and Presentations by Secretary for Development