Date Subject
16/07/2012 LegCo: Speech by Acting SDEV on the third reading of Buildings Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2011 (Chinese only)
11/07/2012 LCQ9: Environmental greening plans
11/07/2012 Transcript of SDEV's media session (Chinese only)
08/07/2012 Transcript of SDEV and S for S' media session at Tung Chung (Chinese only) (with photos)
06/07/2012 Transcript of SDEV's media session
05/07/2012 Transcript of SDEV's media session
22/06/2012 SDEV speaks on unauthorised building works at No 4 Peel Rise
22/06/2012 SDEV's speech on the Second Reading of Construction Industry Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2012 (Chinese only)
21/06/2012 SDEV speaks on the unauthorised building works at No. 4 Peel Rise
20/06/2012 LCQ17: Central Police Station Compound
20/06/2012 LCQ2: Short Term Tenancy sites along Ap Lei Chau Praya Road
20/06/2012 LCQ4: Ocean Terminal Lot
14/06/2012 Opening remarks by SDEV at the press conference on heritage conservation work (Chinese only) (with photos)
13/06/2012 LCQ4: Conservation of Ho Tung Gardens and the West Wing of the Central Government Offices
11/06/2012 Opening remarks by SDEV at meeting of LegCo Subcommittee on Building Safety and Related Issues (Chinese only)
08/06/2012 Opening remarks by SDEV at the opening ceremony of "2012 Jiangxi (Hong Kong) Investment and Trading Cooperation Week" (Chinese only)
07/06/2012 SDEV speaks at inauguration of Energizing Kowloon East Office (Chinese only)
07/06/2012 SDEV speaks on Ocean Terminal Lot and CGO West Wing (Chinese only)
30/05/2012 Transcript of SDEV's media session
25/05/2012 SDEV speaks at Operation Building Bright third anniversary ceremony (Chinese only)

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Speeches and Presentations by Secretary for Development