Date Subject
20/06/2018 LCQ11: Arrangement for emergency temporary fresh water supply
20/06/2018 LCQ13: Supply of tap water to remote villages
20/06/2018 LCQ14: Water supply arrangements and management of water resources
18/06/2018 SDEV speaks to the media (Chinese only)
15/06/2018 Government to sell site in Fanling by public tender
14/06/2018 Lands Department's response to media enquiries
14/06/2018 Land and Development Advisory Committee holds meeting
13/06/2018 LCQ12: Safety of workers carrying out maintenance and repair of building facilities on external walls of buildings
13/06/2018 LCQ8: Tapping into private agricultural land reserve in New Territories
13/06/2018 LCQ18: Quality of drinking water in public rental housing estates
08/06/2018 Government to sell site in Yau Tong by public tender
06/06/2018 LCQ11: Supply of sites for private housing
06/06/2018 SDEV speaks to the media (Chinese only)
06/06/2018 LCQ16: Safety, repair and maintenance of lifts
03/06/2018 Task Force on Land Supply to hold first public forum
02/06/2018 SDEV speaks to the media (Chinese only)
30/05/2018 LCQ13: Government's resumption of lands
30/05/2018 LCQ14: Safety, repair and maintenance of lifts
30/05/2018 LCQ21: Safety of lifts in old buildings
29/05/2018 SDEV's opening remarks at LegCo's Panel on Development meeting on proposed enhancements to ex-gratia compensation and rehousing arrangements for government development clearance exercises (Chinese only)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development