Date Subject
27/03/2017 DEVB's response to media enquiries on temporary suspension of tendering by engineering consultants
27/03/2017 Planning Department disseminates Territorial Population and Employment Data Matrix data
24/03/2017 Speech by SDEV at Building Safety Symposium cum Closing Ceremony of Building Safety Week 2017 (English only) (with photo)
22/03/2017 LCQ15: Non-Civil Service Contract staff of the Buildings Department
22/03/2017 LCQ1: Manpower of construction industry
18/03/2017 Multi-pronged approach to safeguard urban forest assets against brown root rot disease (with photos)
18/03/2017 Speech by SDEV at Symposium on Brown Root Rot Disease Management (English only) (with photo)
17/03/2017 Government to sell two sites by public tender
17/03/2017 Urban Forestry Advisory Panel discusses management strategies of brown root rot disease and urban forestry
16/03/2017 Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme fully commissioned (with photos)
16/03/2017 Speech by FS at Commissioning Ceremony of Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme (Chinese only) (with photos)
15/03/2017 Tender awarded for site in Kai Tak
13/03/2017 Hung Lau declared as proposed monument
12/03/2017 SDEV speaks with media (Chinese only)
10/03/2017 Government to sell two sites by public tender
09/03/2017 Hung Lau to be declared as proposed monument
07/03/2017 SDEV to visit Guangzhou
03/03/2017 SDEV speaks to media (Chinese only)
02/03/2017 SDEV promotes closer bilateral business ties in Indonesia (with photos)
02/03/2017 SDEV's speech at networking luncheon with local industries in Jakarta (English only) (with photo)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development