Date Subject
10/11/2016 SDEV speaks to the media
09/11/2016 Tenders awarded for two residential sites
09/11/2016 LCQ17: Planning and development of lands in the New Territories
09/11/2016 LCQ3: Using industrial building units for arts, cultural, recreational and sports purposes
09/11/2016 LCQ13: Enforcement actions against breaches of land lease conditions in industrial buildings
08/11/2016 SDEV's opening remarks at LegCo's Panel on Development meeting on Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area Planning and Engineering Study (Chinese only)
07/11/2016 Entries invited for Development and Conservation of Lantau Logo Design Competition
07/11/2016 Stage 1 Public Engagement for Kowloon East smart city study launched
06/11/2016 SDEV speaks to the media (Chinese only)
05/11/2016 Lantau Development Advisory Committee holds ninth meeting
04/11/2016 Transcript of remarks at press conference on new round of demand-side management measures to address overheated residential property market (with video)
03/11/2016 SDEV speaks to the media (Chinese only)
02/11/2016 LCQ18: Development projects in the New Territories
02/11/2016 LCQ7: Development of Site 3 of new Central Harbourfront
02/11/2016 LCQ17: Handling applications for amendment of approved layout plans
02/11/2016 Tender awarded for site in Kai Tak
02/11/2016 SDEV attends 2016 Ningbo-HK Economic Co-operation Forum (with photos)
02/11/2016 Speech by SDEV at 2016 Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Co-operation Forum (Chinese only)
01/11/2016 SDEV visits Xiamen to exchange views on cities' development and urban planning (with photo)
31/10/2016 Speech by SDEV at World Cities Day Forum 2016 in Xiamen (Chinese only)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development