Date Subject
28/02/2014 SDEV speaks to the media (Chinese only)
28/02/2014 SDEV to visit Sichuan
28/02/2014 Two-day "Electrical and Mechanical Trades Expo - Manpower Recruitment" launched (with photos)
27/02/2014 Government announces 2014-15 Land Sale Programme (with video)
27/02/2014 Remarks of the Secretary for Development, Mr Paul Chan, at the press conference on the 2014-15 Land Sale Programme (Chinese only)
26/02/2014 LCQ1: Development of Anderson Road Quarry site
26/02/2014 Secretary for Development's closing remarks at LegCo's Motion in relation to Antiquities and Monuments (Declaration of Historical Buildings) (No. 2) Notice 2013 (L.N. 206/2013) (Chinese only)
25/02/2014 Lease modification for Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Areas opens for application
25/02/2014 Tenders awarded for three residential sites
22/02/2014 Hong Kong - Barcelona symposium on waterfront regeneration opens at HKU (with photos)
21/02/2014 Government to sell two sites by public tender
20/02/2014 SDEV to visit Guangzhou
19/02/2014 LCQ2: Industrial building revitalisation measures
19/02/2014 LCQ21: Implementation of New Development Areas
19/02/2014 LCQ3: Oi Tak Street site
13/02/2014 LC: SDEV's speech on Motion of Thanks in respect of CE's Policy Address (Debate Session 2) (Chinese Only)
12/02/2014 LCQ19: Construction manpower training
12/02/2014 LCQ20: Incidents of fresh water main bursts
08/02/2014 Transcript of SDEV's remarks
30/01/2014 SDEV speaks to the media (Chinese only)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development