Date Subject
31/05/2013 SDEV speaks at the Award Presentation Ceremony for Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme 2012 (Chinese only)
29/05/2013 LCQ18: Developments in the New Territories
29/05/2013 LCQ2: Houses 4 and 5 of Peel Rise No. 4
29/05/2013 LCQ20: Sale of hotel room units of The Apex Horizon
28/05/2013 English title: Opening remarks by SDEV on the amendments to the Central District (Extension) Outline Zoning Plan at LegCo Panel on Development (Chinese only)
28/05/2013 English title: Opening remarks by SDEV on the redevelopment of civil servants' quarters developed under the Civil Servants Co-operative Building Society Scheme at LegCo Panel on Development (Chinese only)
28/05/2013 Government to sell Murray Building at Cotton Tree Drive by public tender
28/05/2013 Tender awarded for site in Tsing Yi
27/05/2013 More than 30,000 construction workers pledge to realise goal of zero accidents (with photos/video)
25/05/2013 DEVB launches "Be Our Greening Partner" Campaign (with photo)
25/05/2013 SDEV speaks at opening ceremony of “Be Our Greening Partner” Campaign cum tree seminar (Chinese only)
25/05/2013 Transcript of SDEV's remarks at a media session
24/05/2013 Government proposes to introduce Signboard Control System to enhance safety
24/05/2013 New round of King Yin Lei public open days
23/05/2013 DEVB responds on appointment of URA Board Chairman
23/05/2013 June adjustment in ceiling prices for dedicated LPG filling stations
22/05/2013 LCQ14: Seawater desalination technology
22/05/2013 LCQ6: Water supply in Hong Kong
22/05/2013 LCQ11: Central Oasis
22/05/2013 LCQ15: Implementation of the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development