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03/03/2012 Planting Day promotes community involvement in slope greening (with photos)
02/03/2012 Hong Kong and Shenzhen celebrate 30th anniversary of Shenzhen River regulation (with photos)
02/03/2012 Secretary for Development's speech at the 30th anniversary ceremony of the regulation of the Shenzhen River cum Opening of DSD’s open day (Chinese only)
01/03/2012 Secretary for Development's closing remarks at LegCo's motion debate on "Expanding land resources" (Chinese only)
01/03/2012 Secretary for Development's opening remarks at LegCo's motion debate on "Expanding land resources" (Chinese only)
01/03/2012 Tenders awarded for commercial site and residential site
29/02/2012 LCQ17: Unauthorised building work
29/02/2012 LCQ4: Floor numbering system of buildings
29/02/2012 Speech by SDEV on the second reading of Construction Industry Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2012 (Chinese only)
28/02/2012 Government invites applications for short-term leases at Cattle Depot
27/02/2012 Secretary for Development talks about Revitalisation Scheme and "Flat-for-Flat" pilot scheme (Chinese only)
24/02/2012 Proposed institutional changes to upgrade the construction industry
23/02/2012 Drainage Services Department Open Day
23/02/2012 March adjustment in ceiling prices for dedicated LPG filling stations
23/02/2012 SDEV speaks on the unauthorised building works at York Road, Kowloon Tong (Chinese only)
23/02/2012 SDEV's speech at the opening ceremony of Construction Industry Resource Centre (Chinese only)
23/02/2012 Temporary suspension of flushing water supply to Kowloon
22/02/2012 Government to sell two sites by public tender
22/02/2012 LCQ12: Population projection and land demand
22/02/2012 LCQ8: Designs and safety of staircases

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