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14/01/2009 LCQ14: Tin Wan concrete batching plant
13/01/2009 Electrical and Mechanical Services Department to enhance inspections to lifts in Tenants Purchase Scheme estates
12/01/2009 Electrical and Mechanical Services Department investigates lift incident at Heng On Estate, Ma On Shan
10/01/2009 Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs and Secretary of Development speak on Sichuan reconstruction works (Chinese only)
10/01/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on Sichuan reconstruction (Chinese only)
07/01/2009 LCQ17: Taikoo Shing Phase 5 Development
07/01/2009 LCQ12: North East New Territories New Development Areas
07/01/2009 LCQ10: MTRCL property development projects
07/01/2009 LCQ8: Supplementary radar
07/01/2009 LCQ5: Registration of construction workers
07/01/2009 LCQ4: Tree preservation

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development