Date Subject
27/06/2008 July Adjustment in Auto LPG ceiling prices
25/06/2008 LCQ6: Flooding problem in the Central and Western District
25/06/2008 LCQ4: Property Development at Tsuen Wan West Station
24/06/2008 Speech by Secretary for Development at Legislative Council Development Panel meeting (Chinese only)
21/06/2008 Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) to visit Singapore
20/06/2008 Emergency repairs are underway at the 13 locations of significant residual landslide risk (with photos/videos)
19/06/2008 Construction sector establishes joint conference to help Sichuan reconstruction
18/06/2008 LC : Secretary for Development's speech on motion to amend the Buildings (Amendment) Bill 2007 (Chinese only)
18/06/2008 LCQ14: Mean site formation level
18/06/2008 LCQ8: Access to small houses in the New Territories
18/06/2008 LCQ6: Tree transplantation
13/06/2008 Locations of significant residual landslide risks arising from June 7 severe rainstorm (An update) (with photo)
13/06/2008 Secretary for Development speaks on measures to combat flooding and landslides (Chinese only)
12/06/2008 Locations of Significant Residual Landslide Risks arising from June 7 Severe Rainstorm (with photos)
11/06/2008 LCQ12: Information on trees
11/06/2008 LCQ10: Development of a theme park in Ma Wan
11/06/2008 LCQ2: Development of Park Island and Ma Wan Park
11/06/2008 Contract awarded for ultraviolet disinfection works for sewage treatment (with photo)
11/06/2008 Transcript of press conference on Tai O situation (with photos)
08/06/2008 Secretary for Development speaks on transport cost for construction waste and flooding (Chinese only)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development