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08/10/2005 Secretary for Home Affairs talks about West Kowloon Cultural District and arts and cultural policy on RTHK-1 "Hong Kong Letter" (Chinese version only)
08/10/2005 Transcript of the Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands, Mr Michael Suen (Chinese version only)
07/10/2005 Government reports findings of public consultation and next step for West Kowloon Cultural District project
07/10/2005 Opening Remarks by Chief Secretary for Administration, at LegCo Special House Committee Meeting (Chinese version only)
07/10/2005 Transcript of the Chief Secretary for Administration (Chinese version only)
05/10/2005 Aged Water Mains in NT East to be improved
27/09/2005 Government committed to sustainable development strategies
23/09/2005 Contract awarded to improve drainage works in New Territories North
22/09/2005 FS and SETW to attend Xinjiang Celebration
22/09/2005 The Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands to lead delegation for World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo
21/09/2005 Speech made by the Permanent Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands (Planning and Lands), Mrs Rita Lau, on "Creating a Sustainable Urban Living Environment, Challenges Ahead and Aspirations for the Future" at the Business Environment Council (BEC) EnviroSeries 2005 Conference: "Urban Regeneration - A Key to Hong Kong's Sustainable Future" (English only)
20/09/2005 High-level delegation attends Xian construction conference
19/09/2005 High-level delegation attends Xian construction conference
17/09/2005 West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade now open to the public
15/09/2005 The Land and Building Advisory Committee (LBAC) discusses Study on Provision of Elderly Housing
01/09/2005 Expert panel receives 18 submissions
30/08/2005 WSD invites applications for reservoir fishing licence
26/08/2005 Permanent evacuation of Fu Yung Shan Tsuen squatters
22/08/2005 Membership of expert panel forum confirmed
22/08/2005 Works Departments strive to complete slope works soon

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development