Government appoints URA Board Chairman and non-executive directors

The Government today (April 29) announced that the Chief Executive had, pursuant to section 4 of the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance (URAO), re-appointed Mr Victor So Hing-woh as Chairman of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) Board from June 15, 2016 to April 30, 2019 and re-appointed/appointed 16 non-executive directors, including four official non-executive directors, for a term of three years with effect from May 1, 2016.

The three newly appointed non-official non-executive directors are Ms Judy Chan Ka-pui, Mr Roger Luk Koon-hoo and Mrs Cecilia Wong Ng Kit-wah.

The nine re-appointed non-official non-executive directors are Dr Ann Chiang Lai-wan, Mr Edward Chow Kwong-fai, Mr Laurence Ho Hoi-ming, Professor Eddie Hui Chi-man, Mr Nelson Lam Chi-yuen, Mr Laurence Li Lu-jen, Mr Timothy Ma Kam-wah, Mr David Tang Chi-fai, and Mr Stanley Wong Yuen-fai.

The Secretary for Development, Mr Paul Chan, welcomed the appointments and re-appointments.

"I am grateful to Mr Victor So for agreeing to continue to lead the URA. Mr So's experience in the property sector and his understanding of the work of URA will help provide the necessary continuity and leadership at the Board level to enable the URA to take forward the important work of urban renewal and related matters."

"The three newly appointed non-official non-executive directors come from different sectors of the community. I am sure their expertise and experience in their respective fields will help contribute and provide valuable input to the work of the URA Board," said Mr Chan.

Mr Chan also expressed gratitude to the three retiring directors, namely Mr Philip Kan Siu-lun, Mr Lester Garson Huang and Mr Philip Liao Yi-kang, for their invaluable contributions to the work of the URA.

The new URA Board will comprise 19 non-official non-executive directors (including the Chairman), four official non-executive directors and three executive directors. All the non-official non-executive directors are appointed in their personal capacity.

The membership of the URA Board commencing May 1, 2016 is set out below:

Mr Victor So Hing-woh

Non-Executive Directors (Non-official)
Ms Judy Chan Ka-pui
Dr Ann Chiang Lai-wan
Mr Edward Chow Kwong-fai
Mr Laurence Ho Hoi-ming
Professor Eddie Hui Chi-man
Mr Dennis Kwok Wing-hang
Mr Nelson Lam Chi-yuen
Dr Gregg Li Ka-lok
Mr Laurence Li Lu-jen
Mr Roger Luk Koon-hoo
Mr Timothy Ma Kam-wah
Ms Alice Mak Mei-kuen
Dr Billy Mak Sui-choi
Dr Lawrence Poon Wing-cheung
Mr David Tang Chi-fai
Mrs Cecilia Wong Ng Kit-wah
Mr Stanley Wong Yuen-fai
Mr Wu Chi-wai

Non-Executive Directors (Official)
Director of Buildings
Director of Lands
Director of Planning
Deputy Director of Home Affairs (2)

Executive Directors
Managing Director/Deputy Chairman
Two Executive Directors

Ends/Friday, April 29, 2016
Issued at HKT 10:01