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Transcript of opening remarks by SDEV at media session

Following is the transcript of the opening remarks by the Secretary for Development, Mr Paul Chan, at a media session after the second meeting of the Lantau Development Advisory Committee today (June 14):

The Lantau Development Advisory Committee held its second meeting this morning to discuss the strategic positioning and development direction of Lantau Island. Five members of the Committee briefed the Committee on their views on Lantau development. After the first meeting held on March 8 this year, Committee members visited cities in the western part of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) and Lantau in April and May respectively. Through the two study visits, members appreciated the planning status, city development and infrastructure planning in the western PRD region and the current state of development on Lantau in respect of the social, transport and infrastructure areas. Members generally considered that Lantau not only possesses unique local characteristics and landscape, but also has room for diversified development, which can boost its local economy and inject new momentum into Hong Kong's social and economic development.

Based on the knowledge learnt from the study visits and the proposals submitted by members, the Secretariat of the Committee preliminarily suggested four possible proposals for the strategic positioning of Lantau for members' consideration. These include:

(1) An international transport, logistics and trade hub in the Greater PRD region;
(2) A service hub in the Greater PRD region and Asia;
(3) A strategic growth area with a new metropolis in the central waters between Lantau and Hong Kong Island; and
(4) A treasure of natural assets.

Furthermore, the Secretariat suggested the following four preliminary development directions for members' consideration:

(1) A Northern Lantau Corridor for economic and housing developments;
(2) A North-eastern Lantau Node for leisure, entertainment and international tourism;
(3) An East Lantau Metropolis for strategic growth with a core business district; and
(4) A predominant part of Lantau for conservation, leisure, culture and green tourism.

On the other hand, the Secretariat consolidated the views received from members into 73 proposals under five broad categories, which are "development planning issues", "tourism and entertainment", "environment and heritage conservation", "transport hub and improvement proposals" and  finally "employment, education and social welfare". All these suggestions are contained in the papers submitted to the Committee. These papers will soon be uploaded for the public's information.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

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