Lifts in Tenant Purchase Scheme estates are safe

A comprehensive audit inspection conducted by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) on the lifts in housing estates under the Tenant Purchase Scheme (TPS) found that all lifts were in safe working condition.

In January, the EMSD requested registered lift contractors of the TPS housing estates to carry out a comprehensive check of all the lifts under their management to ensure they were safe. The EMSD conducted a 100% audit inspection of all 1,404 lifts in 39 TPS housing estates. The inspection was completed on March 30.

A spokesman for the EMSD said that some minor defects, such as surface rusting of metal components, unsmooth operation of lift doors, or ineffective overload displays, were detected during the inspection. Improvement letters had been issued to the contractors for their rectification.

In line with the preventive maintenance programmes, the contractors replaced the suspension ropes of 153 lifts in the 32 TPS estates during their check from January to March.  Rope replacement will continue as part of the routine maintenance work whenever the wear and tear condition of a suspension rope warrant its replacement, such as when the rope diameter has been reduced by 10% or more.

The audit inspection report has been posted on the EMSD website ( for reference by the public.

The EMSD and the Housing Authority also established a joint working group in January to explore ways to enhance lift safety in TPS housing estates.  The working group organised four seminars for the TPS estates' members of incorporated owners, residents and building management companies on lift maintenance management and answered their enquiries.
To enhance public awareness of lift safety, a "Lift Owners' Guidebook" and a reference document for procurement of lift maintenance services were produced to assist lift owners, building incorporated owners and building management companies to select and manage contractors. The EMSD also launched a new Television Announcement in Public Interest to further promote lift safety. All these materials are available on the EMSD's website.

The spokesman said the EMSD would continue to adopt the risk-based approach in future inspection of lifts in the territory, including the lifts in TPS housing estates to ensure lift safety.

Ends/Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Issued at HKT 16:50