Government dedicated to promoting greening works (With photo)

The government is committed to protecting and enhancing a green environment when planning and designing infrastructural projects, the Secretary for Development, Mrs Carrie Lam, said today (March 14).

She was officiating at a Community Planting Day ceremony organised by the Civil Engineering and Development Department in Shui Chuen O, Shatin today. More than 150 students and elderly persons participated in the event to plant trees and shrubs to enhance the environment along the road works at Areas 34 and 52 in Shui Chuen O.

Mrs Lam said the government had carried out a series of environmental protection and greening works in the planning and design of infrastructure projects.

The government has been very active in implementing greening works.  In the last five financial years, a total of some 54 million trees, shrubs and annuals have been planted by all government departments in Hong Kong.

"We will start the preparation for the formulation of Greening Master Plans for the New Territories in late 2009. The Government will strive to increase greening zones, enhance the existing greening areas, and maximize greening opportunities in the planning and development of public works projects," she said.

Most of the government's infrastructure projects include extensive planting schemes.  Such greening works involve planting in a variety of settings like roadsides, footbridges and flyovers, podiums, slopes, river channels and promenades.

The Architectural Services Department is also actively implementing roof top projects for new government buildings, which aim to help enhance the cityscape and attenuate urban heat islands. Since 2001, about 70 roof top projects for new government buildings have been completed while some 40 projects are under planning or construction. These include schools, office buildings, hospitals, community facilities and government quarters.

The Director of Civil Engineering and Development, Mr Chai Sung-veng, said completion of Road Works at Areas 34 and 52 in Shui Chuen O and Area 56A in Kau To was another milestone in the continual development of Sha Tin New Town.
"The project provides the essential infrastructure for the housing development and the associated community facilities in the areas which will eventually be developed into communities with pleasant surroundings to accommodate a total population of over 20,000.

"About 250,000 trees and shrubs will be planted in this project.  We have specially chosen those native species that blend with the existing vegetation in the areas, with a view of providing a quality green environment for the public.

"In organising the community planting day, we hope to raise public awareness of environmental protection as well as treasuring natural resources through their participation in the greening of the environment," he said.

Mr Chai thanked the Sha Tin District Council and local community representatives for giving valuable support and suggestions to the Government during the planning and construction of the project.

Other officiating guests at today's ceremony included Chairman of Sha Tin District Council, Mr Wai Kwok-hung; Chairman of Sha Tin Rural Committee, Mr Mok Kam-kwai, and Sha Tin District Officer, Mrs Do Pang Wai-yee.   

Ends/Saturday, March 14, 2009
Issued at HKT 13:28


The Secretary for Development, Mrs Carrie Lam (right), planting a tree at a Community Planting Day ceremony in Shui Chuen O, Sha Tin, today (March 14) with the Director of Civil Engineering and Development, Mr Chai Sung-veng (left) and Chairman of Sha Tin District Council, Mr Wai Kwok-hung.