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22/04/2020 LCQ13: Road safety involving roadside trees
22/04/2020 LCQ5: New transport infrastructure for Kowloon East
08/04/2020 SDEV's opening remarks on planning and lands policy areas at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting (Chinese only)
27/02/2020 LCQ20: Planning and development of Kowloon City district
26/02/2020 LCQ16: Vacant government sites managed by Lands Department
15/01/2020 LCQ4: Operations on brownfield sites
15/01/2020 LCQ15: Revitalisation scheme for industrial buildings
15/01/2020 LCQ12: Providing support for owners of three-nil buildings
15/01/2020 LCQ16: Development of a "Sponge City"

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