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It is the vision of the Harbourfront Commission (HC) to bring more people to the harbourfront and engage the community on harbourfront development.  The harbourfront is not only a leisure park but a place for creative arts.  The HC therefore encourages the stakeholders and art groups to participate in the beautification of the harbourfront together in order to enhance its uniqueness and attractiveness, as well as to increase the community’s sense of belonging to the harbourfront.

To this end, the HC together with the Harbour Office of the Development Bureau (DEVB) are launching a “Victoria Harbour” Word Art competition to invite talents to create an iconic “Victoria Harbour” Word Art for placing at the East Coast Park Precinct north of Watson Road.

Members from the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects, Hong Kong Institute of Planners, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (hereinafter referred to as “the Six Professional Institutes) are invited to submit proposals for the design, fabrication, delivery, installation and maintenance of Artwork between 24 July and 4 September 2020. 


Design Theme

A branding and publicity initiative for the Victoria Harbour
(1) A symbolic and spectacular artwork using the “Victoria Harbour” letters as the content of the design;
(2) Creative, vibrant and interesting with a size that give due consideration to photo shooting purpose;
(3) Clear, succinct, powerful and memorable;
(4) Incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) to echo with the design of the Artwork; and
(5) Incorporate the “Victoria Harbour Logo”.


Commissioning Budget

The ceiling of commissioning budget for the Artwork is HK$1,000,000 (all inclusive)



The competition is open to all members of the Six Professional Institutes. They may submit proposals as individual or as members of a team.


Selection Panel

The members of the selection panel will comprise representatives from DEVB and the HC (the latter includes co-op members of the relevant district councils). Please refer to “Composition of Selection Panel” below for further details.


Selection Criteria

Technical feasibility 30%
Artistic concept in consideration of the design of the promenade and the corresponding theme(s), including its ability in promoting the image of the Victoria Harbour in general 25%
Artistic/ professional merit, creativity, originality, environmentally friendliness and sustainability of the artwork 20%
Experience and ability to organise and fabricate public artwork 15%
Innovation, uniqueness and artistic merit of the previous public artwork 5%
Impact on the promenade and community relationship 5%


Briefing Session

A briefing session was organised for interested persons on 10 August 2020.  Presentation can be downloaded here.

 East Coast Park Precinct



Please refer to the following for details of the competition –


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do we need to prepare proposal in bilingual?
A1: Participants can prepare the proposals using either Chinese or English. Please refer to Part 6 of the Invitation Brief for details.

Q2: How can we submit the proposals?  What is the deadline of submission by email, in person or by post?
A2: We accept the submission of Proposals by email (email address: [email protected]), hard copy in person or by post. The submission deadline will be on 4 September 2020 (Friday) in accordance with the time of receipt by email, before office closing (5pm) by hand and date of the post mark if by post. 

Q3: The invitation brief of "Victoria Harbour" Word Art Competition mentioned a dimension of 40 m (L) x 3 m (H). Can we change the dimensions to suit our design?
A3: The dimensions mentioned in the invitation brief refers to the space reserved in the promenade for the installation of the Artwork.  The size of the Artwork could vary to suit the design and taking into account the site condition.

Q4: Can you provide any site photos/renderings of the East Coast Park Precinct under construction?
A4: To facilitate the preparation of Proposals, more reference materials and videos for the East Coast Park Precinct have been uploaded to the competition websites.


Reference Materials

1. Schematic design of promenade at East Coast Park Precinct

Victoria Harbour Word Art Competition.
(Please click on the image above to enlarge)