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New short-term jobs to create job opportunities (26/4/2020)

The Chief Executive has earlier announced a series of new measures under the Anti-epidemic Fund for the purposes of retaining, creating and advancing jobs. Among these measures, it is proposed that around 30 000 time-limited jobs be created in both the public and private sectors in the coming two years to ease the worsening unemployment situation due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The Development Bureau (DEVB) and the departments under its purview will proactively facilitate and implement the creation of about 4 700 short-term jobs covering different trades in the coming period. This time, I have invited colleagues of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), and the Buildings Department (BD) to give us details about some of the short-term jobs to be created......

Anti-epidemic Fund - continuing support to construction industry (19/4/2020)

As the epidemic of COVID-19 has swept through the world, the Government earlier rolled out the first round of the Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF), which offered over $900 million to support the construction sector in strengthening anti-epidemic measures in order to reduce the risk of viral infection and spreading among construction workers. As at mid-April, about 210 000 frontline workers and 5 200 relevant enterprises have applied for the subsidies and the total amount disbursed exceeded $510 million. On 8 April, the Chief Executive announced a new round of relief measures, among which over $4.3 billion will be further set aside to help the construction sector tide over the economic hard time brought by the epidemic......

Ecological Study for Pui O, Shui Hau, Tai O and Neighbouring Areas (12/4/2020)

As Lantau is endowed with a wide variety of natural habitats, rich biodiversity and species of animals and plants with conservation value, the Government attaches great importance to its conservation. The Ecological Study for Pui O, Shui Hau, Tai O and Neighbouring Areas was initiated two years ago to evaluate the existing ecological situation of Lantau and to explore appropriate conservation measures. In early March, I invited a colleague from the Sustainable Lantau Office (SLO) under the Civil Engineering and Development Department and an ecology consultant to Pui O to share with us the objective, progress and preliminary results of the study.....

The evolution of mapping technologies in Hong Kong (5/4/2020)

For most of us, the word “map“ may conjure up images of search engines on personal computers, tablets or smart phones, but hardly do we know that it has taken as long as half a century for the maps of Hong Kong to transform from paper format to digital format on the electronic platform. Today, I have specifically invited a colleague from the Survey and Mapping Office (SMO) of the Lands Department (LandsD) to journey through the development of our mapping technologies and map products with us, and show us how the maps have witnessed the changes of our city......

Exploring Tung O Ancient Trail (29/3/2020)

The Government is committed to striking a proper balance between development and conservation needs so that members of the public can live in a better and more comfortable living environment. Endowed with splendid mountains and natural shoreline, Lantau is rich in natural and cultural assets. Among others, the Tung O Ancient Trail in the northwest, once an important passage for villagers to commute between Tung Chung and Tai O, has many historical imprints along its route. Early this month, I specifically invited a colleague from the Sustainable Lantau Office (SLO) of the Civil Engineering and Development Department and an expert in heritage conservation to the Tung O Ancient Trail to introduce us to its history, as well as the cultural conservation efforts and village revitalisation works planned to be conducted by the SLO......


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