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Pressing ahead with the implementation of the New Territories Cycle Track Network (12/7/2020)

City dwellers have become more aware of healthy living. Cycling, which integrates exercise and recreation, is most suitable for the whole family to participate in. The Government has been committed to developing a comprehensive cycle track network in the New Territories (NT) to provide a cycle track connecting the east and west of the NT for leisure and recreation purposes in order to improve people’s quality of living. This time, I have invited the colleagues of the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) to introduce this new cycle track with a total length of about 82 kilometres (km) upon completion and share its design concept and characteristics......

Water Safety Plan Subsidy Scheme (5/7/2020)

The drinking water supplied by the Water Supplies Department (WSD) undergoes rigorous treatment processes to ensure its quality complies with the Hong Kong Drinking Water Standards. However, drinking water quality could be affected by the internal plumbing systems of buildings; therefore, the WSD has been encouraging property owners and management agents to implement the Water Safety Plan for Buildings (WSPB) at their premises. The Chief Executive also announced in the 2019 Policy Address the launch of the Water Safety Plan Subsidy Scheme (WSPSS) to provide eligible property owners with financial support to encourage them to implement the WSPB. This time, I have invited the colleagues from the WSD to talk about the details of the two plans. A representative of an owners’ corporation (OC) also shares the benefits of participating in the WSPB......

Anti-epidemic Fund to support construction industry in training (28/6/2020)

Hong Kong’s economy has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and the construction industry is inevitably affected with its unemployment rate continuously rising. New graduates of the relevant professional sectors and assistant professionals who have just completed professional training this year may face difficulties in finding jobs. The Government earlier announced that targeted measures would be swiftly introduced under the Anti-epidemic Fund (AEF) to provide subsidy for employers to create opportunities for both on-the-job and practical training for the industry. This time, I would like to introduce the details of the support measures and invite the Legislative Council (LegCo) members representing the industry to share their expectations on the scheme......

A good father from the Drainage Services Department (21/6/2020)

Today is Father’s Day, I would like to start by wishing all fathers a Happy Father’s Day! This time, I would like to introduce to you a colleague who is also a good father – Inspector of Works of the Drainage Services Department (DSD), Mr CHUI Wai-yiu. When he is at work, he is responsible for the management of drainage matters and has to be on call at any time. In his spare time, he participates actively in voluntary work and has distributed face masks to the elderly during the epidemic. Apart from sharing with us his work, he would also talk to us about his relationship with his daughter. Being her mentor and her friend, he hopes that she can inspire others with her life experiences, encourage people to offer helping hands and contribute to the society......

The Landslip Investigation Section of the Geotechnical Engineering Office (14/6/2020)

Earlier on, Hong Kong experienced a series of heavy rainstorms and the Hong Kong Observatory issued landslip warning in the early hours last Saturday (6 June), which remained in force for more than 36 hours, during which 27 reports of landslides were received. The Landslip Investigation Section of the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) under the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) immediately examined each report and sent its investigation teams of professional and technical staff to inspect the sites and identify the causes of the landslide incidents. This time, I have particularly invited a colleague from the Landslip Investigation Section to introduce their work to us......


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