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Legislative Council Panel on Development

Initiatives of Development Bureau
in the 2017 Policy Address and Policy Agenda

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  The Chief Executive delivered his 2017 Policy Address entitled "Make Best Use of Opportunities, Develop the Economy, Improve People’s Livelihood, Build an Inclusive Society" on 18 January 2017. This is supported by the Policy Agenda which sets out the Government’s new and on-going initiatives. This paper elaborates on those initiatives under Development Bureau (DEVB).

The work of DEVB mainly contributes to the two Chapters on "Land, Housing and Transportation" and "Environment and Conservation". We have also provided input to the Chapters on "Economic Development and Innovation and Technology" and "Education, Population and Human Resources". An extract of all the new and on-going initiatives under DEVB as contained in the 2017 Policy Agenda is at Annex. The major items are highlighted in the paragraphs below.

  Economic Development and Innovation and Technology
  Land, Housing and Transportation
  Environment and Conservation
  Education, Population and Human Resources

We welcome Members' feedback and undertake to work closely with LegCo in taking forward DEVB's policy initiatives. We aim to further discuss with the Panel on Development on the following items shortly –

  • PWP Item No. 7786CL-2A – Tung Chung New Town Extension – Reclamation and Advance Works
  • PWP Item No. 7765CL-2 – Development of Anderson Road Quarry Site – Remaining Works
  • Proposed planning and engineering study on Sunny Bay reclamation
  • Planning, engineering and architectural study for Topside Development at Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities Island of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge – Stage 2 Community Engagement
  • Proposed strategic studies for artificial islands in the central waters
  • Waterworks (Amendment) Bill and Waterworks (Amendment) Regulation
  • Design and construction for first stage of desalination plant at Tseung Kwan O – mainlaying
  • Proposed Construction Industry Security of Payment Legislation
  • Progress of key follow-up action of lead in water incident
  • Stage 1 Public Engagement for Pilot Study on Underground Space Development in Selected Strategy Urban Areas
  • Detailed Feasibility Study for Environmentally Friendly Linkage System for Kowloon East – Interim Public Consultation and Progress Update on Kai Tak Development
  Development Bureau
19 January 2017