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Legislative Council Panel on Development

2013 Policy Address
Policy Initiatives of Development Bureau

  The Chief Executive (CE) delivered his 2013 Policy Address on 16 January 2013. This paper elaborates on the policy initiatives of the Development Bureau (DEVB).

Our vision is to ensure adequate land supply and to build up a “land reserve” so as to meet future demands in a timely manner and improve people’s living space.  It is also our vision to continue to invest in and manage infrastructure development to facilitate economic and sustainable development of Hong Kong.


We aim to create a safe and quality city through formulating and implementing policies in the areas of heritage conservation, greening, tree management and total water management; implementing measures in landslip prevention, flood prevention, and lifts and escalators safety; implementing a multi-pronged approach to enhance building safety; as well as expediting urban renewal to improve the built environment and achieve better utilisation of land resources to meet various development needs.


We welcome Members’ feedback and look forward to working closely with the LegCo in taking forward DEVB’s policy initiatives.

  Development Bureau
16 January 2013