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Legislative Council Panel on Development

Initiatives of Development Bureau
in the 2011-12 Policy Address and Policy Agenda

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  The Chief Executive (CE) delivered his 2011-12 Policy Address on 12 October 2011 entitled “From Strength to Strength”. This is supported by the Policy Agenda which lists the HKSAR Government’s new and ongoing initiatives and a booklet on “Major Achievements of the Third Term Government of the HKSAR” (the Achievement Booklet). This paper reports on the achievements and elaborates on those initiatives under the Development Bureau (DEVB).

The work of DEVB mainly contributes to the two themes of “Developing the Infrastructure for Economic Growth” and “Quality City and Quality Life” set by the CE for the Third Term of the HKSARG. Progress made to date on DEVB’s work is listed in the extract from the Achievement Booklet at Annex 1. An extract of all the new and ongoing initiatives under DEVB as contained in the 2011-12 Policy Agenda is at Annex 2. The major items are highlighted in the paragraphs below.

  Initiatives under "Developing the Infrastructure for Economic Growth"
  Initiatives under "Quality City and Quality Life"

We welcome Members’ feedback and undertake to work closely with LegCo in taking forward DEVB’s policy initiatives. In the next three months, we aim to further discuss with the Panel on Development on the following items –

  • Subsidiary Legislation for Implementation of MBIS and MWIS
  • Supply of Dongjiang Water
  • Redevelopment Scheme of West Wing, Central Government Offices
  • Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point and associated works
  • Increasing land supply by reclamation and rock cavern development – Stage 1 public engagement
  • Kai Tak Development Progress Report
  • Study on the Environmentally Friendly Linkage System to enhance connectivity within Kowloon East
  Development Bureau
12 October 2011