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24/05/2018 Government's response to media enquiries on the removal of two trees at Bonham Road in front of Tang Chi Ngong Building of the University of Hong Kong
24/05/2018 Free admission tickets for King Yin Lei public open days to be distributed
23/05/2018 Task Force on Land Supply to hold roving exhibitions and public forums
23/05/2018 LCQ15: Measures to boost supply of industrial lands
23/05/2018 LCQ21: Management of water resources
21/05/2018 Construction Safety Week calls on industry to enhance site safety (with photos)
18/05/2018 Fees for land survey services to be revised
18/05/2018 Heritage Fiesta 2018 to be launched in June
16/05/2018 LCQ1: Improving effectiveness of work of Joint Office on handling water seepage complaints
16/05/2018 LCQ16: Control of unauthorised signboards
16/05/2018 LCQ7: Expenditure on consultancy fees for public works projects
16/05/2018 SDEV speaks to the media (Chinese only)
15/05/2018 Tender awarded for site in Kai Tak
15/05/2018 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Built Heritage Conservation announced
15/05/2018 SDEV visits Southern District (with photos)
10/05/2018 Proposed enhancements to ex-gratia compensation and rehousing arrangements for Government's clearance exercises announced (with photo)
10/05/2018 Opening remarks by SDEV at press conference on proposed enhancements to ex-gratia compensation and rehousing arrangements for govt development clearance exercises (with video)
09/05/2018 LCQ2: Vetting and approval of plans submitted in respect of building works of modular housing/container housing
03/05/2018 SDEV visits Eastern District (with photos)
02/05/2018 LCQ13: Sites on loan to MTR Corporation Limited for use as temporary supporting works areas

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