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16/03/2017 Speech by FS at Commissioning Ceremony of Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme (Chinese only) (with photos)
12/03/2017 SDEV speaks with media (Chinese only)
07/03/2017 SDEV to visit Guangzhou
03/03/2017 SDEV speaks to media (Chinese only)
02/03/2017 SDEV promotes closer bilateral business ties in Indonesia (with photos)
02/03/2017 SDEV's speech at networking luncheon with local industries in Jakarta (English only) (with photo)
01/03/2017 LCQ13: Cost estimates of infrastructure projects
27/02/2017 SDEV promotes business co-operation in Cambodia (with photos)
27/02/2017 SDEV's speech at networking luncheon in Cambodia organised by HKTDC and HK Business Association of Cambodia (English only)
25/02/2017 SDEV speaks to the media
25/02/2017 SDEV to visit Cambodia and Indonesia
23/02/2017 Opening remarks by SDEV at press conference on 2017-18 Land Sale Programme (Chinese only)
22/02/2017 LCQ3: Opening area of military dock for public use
22/02/2017 LCQ20: Modifications of a preservation-cum-development project by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui
21/02/2017 SDEV continues visit to Beijing (with photos)
21/02/2017 SDEV speaks to media in Beijing (Chinese only)
20/02/2017 SDEV begins visit to Beijing (with photos)
19/02/2017 SDEV speaks to media (Chinese only)
18/02/2017 SDEV to visit Beijing
18/02/2017 SDEV speaks at CIC Young Construction Conference (Chinese only)(with photo)

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