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NEC3 Version






Issue Date

1 Practice Notes for New Engineering Contract
- Term Service Contract for Public Works Projects in Hong Kong
July 2017
2 Library of Standard Amendments to NEC TSC Standard Documents

excel.  PDF.

July 2017
3 Library of Standard Additional Conditions of Contract

  Word.  PDF.  

July 2017
4A Library of Standard General Conditions of Tender word.  pdf. July 2017
4B Library of Standard Correction Rules for Tender Errors  Word.  PDF.  July 2017

Library of Standard Special Conditions of Tender

 Word.  PDF.  July 2017
6 Library of Standard Notes to Tenderers Word.  PDF. July 2017
7 Sample Template of Contract Data Part one  Word.  PDF.  July 2017
8 Sample Template of Contract Data Part two Word.  PDF. July 2017
9 Sample Template of Grand Summary of the Schedule of Percentages Word.  PDF. July 2017
10 Sample Template of General Particulars of the Service Information Word.  PDF. July 2017
11 Sample Template of Preambles to Specification for the Service Information Word.  PDF. July 2017
12 Sample Template of Form of Tender Word.  PDF. July 2017
13 Sample Template of Articles of Agreement Word.  PDF. July 2017