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07/04/2017 Speech by SDEV at Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Conference - "Our Hub · Your Future in Belt and Road" (English only) (with photo)
31/03/2017 SDEV's speaking notes on planning and lands policy areas tabled at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
31/03/2017 Information on private columbaria updated
31/03/2017 "Designated workers for designated skills" requirement under Construction Workers Registration Ordinance to be implemented tomorrow (with photos)
31/03/2017 SDEV's speaking notes on works policy areas tabled at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
31/03/2017 Waterworks (Amendment) Bill 2017 gazetted
29/03/2017 LCQ7: Rural land uses
29/03/2017 LCQ12: Renewal of land leases
29/03/2017 LCQ10: Enacting legislation to regulate sub-divided units
29/03/2017 Grant of site of former Central Market to Urban Renewal Authority for revitalisation
29/03/2017 LCQ20: Information on public works
29/03/2017 LCQ5: Tap water supply for residents in remote areas
28/03/2017 Lands Department strengthens enforcement actions against unlawful occupation of government land and tightens arrangements for regularisation applications
28/03/2017 List of ex-school premises for application for short-term uses from Lands Department available online
27/03/2017 DEVB's response to media enquiries on temporary suspension of tendering by engineering consultants
27/03/2017 Planning Department disseminates Territorial Population and Employment Data Matrix data
24/03/2017 Speech by SDEV at Building Safety Symposium cum Closing Ceremony of Building Safety Week 2017 (English only) (with photo)
22/03/2017 LCQ15: Non-Civil Service Contract staff of the Buildings Department
22/03/2017 LCQ1: Manpower of construction industry
18/03/2017 Multi-pronged approach to safeguard urban forest assets against brown root rot disease (with photos)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development.